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While spiders may not cause as much damage as other pests will, they can still be a nuisance and sometimes even dangerous.  Some spiders, like the Brown Recluse or Black Widow, are venomous and can pose serious health threats. Others, like the American House Spider, may not be as harmful but that doesn’t mean they’re any more welcome to share your home!


A good way to prevent spiders from getting into your home is to make sure you don’t have an environment around your house that attracts spiders. Having plants, piles of leaves or wood, old tires, or buckets next to your house makes it more likely that a spider will find its way inside. Sealing holes or cracks in the foundation of your home and making sure doors and windows are closed tightly will also eliminate any entry points for these arachnids.


Spiders do not feed on humans, they do not see us as prey. Spiders do however use their bite as a defense mechanism, and typically bites will occur due to accidental contact or trapping of the spider. Accidental or not, you don’t want the wrong spider to put his fangs in you so it’s best to keep them all out!


Spider elimination/prevention is more successful when done by a professional. Spider control can be tricky, but the first step would be to eliminate their food source. Spiders eat other insects, so having pest control for your home (ridding them of their food supply) makes your home less appealing to them. The good thing is, these pests are not social insects that live in big groups like ants or roaches. If you are spotting webs or spiders in your home, give 3 Seasons Pest Control division a call to set up your free estimate!


Winter Pest Invasion

As many people know, summer is a prime pest season. But that doesn’t mean they go completely inactive during the winter. In fact, pests are more likely to invade your home in order to seek warmth and shelter. Pests are just trying to survive, and your home provides what they need in order to do so. Having an indoor pest control service is important year-round, no matter what the weather is like. Below is some information on the pests that remain active during the winter and what to do if you see them:


Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and are one of the most adaptable creatures in the world. They can survive year-round if they have access to warm and moist environments. During winter they are not able to reproduce as much as during any other season, so this is a great time to really enforce pest control practices. There are many signs of roaches. Physically seeing one is a sure sign, but if you notice feces or an unpleasant odor in your home then you may have an infestation.


Spiders can invade your home at any time of the year. There is no particular time in which they are more common. If you notice a spider or two scurrying around your home during the winter, they likely have been living with you longer than you think. Spiders tend to make homes in your wall voids, attic areas, and other quiet areas. During the winter, they become more sexually active and you may see them coming out of their hiding places in search of a mate.


Ladybugs like to spend their winters in large groups hibernating in large groups somewhere warm. Often, that warm spot is inside your home. While lady bugs don’t cause any serious damage, they can create two problems. They release a bad-smelling chemical when disturbed or squished, as well as often release a yellow fluid (it’s actually their blood) that can stain walls, floors, and fabrics. Ladybugs are actually a natural pest control in your garden. They eat mealybugs, aphids and other destructive insects too. Living inside your home isn’t where they are the most beneficial, but they do need to hibernate…just not in your home.

Firewood Pests

Heating up your home during the winter is a must. Unfortunately for those of you with a fire place inside your home, bringing in firewood that’s been sitting outside risks bringing in other pests. Insects like termites, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs love to hang out in firewood and will likely hitch a ride in your home when you need to start a blaze.

Not all insects are interested in invading your home though. Some will over winter as eggs or pupa, some will survive beneath the surface of the water. But for those who do seek your home as their winter shelter, call 3 Seasons. We want to keep your home safe this winter from pests, so you can stay cozy and warm without the stress of unwanted guests.