pest control: why you shouldn’t d.i.y.

Nowadays there are many jobs around the home that can be handled without professional help, but pest control should not be among your D.I.Y. projects. Here’s why:


Most homeowners will only treat what they can see, but the real infestation won’t be advertised. The worst problems tend to be inside walls or hidden underground. Pests like cockroaches , earwigs, and silverfish stay hidden for the most part. You may see one or two crawling around during the day, but they prefer to move in the dark and you may not see where their hiding spaces are.


Knowing which chemicals to use and how they should be applied takes more than a quick Google search. Pesticides are poisons that should be handled with care. Though some pesticides may say they are safe to use, they could still cause health problems when used in excess. Even chemicals that are safe for humans can be deadly for pets.


Pest control chemicals bought from the store won’t be as powerful as those used by exterminators. The most powerful pesticides used by professionals are not available to ordinary consumers. Most of these products require special training and a license to purchase them.


Don’t waste your time or money trying to perform pest control yourself. While there are many measurements that you can take to prevent pests, exterminating them takes a professional. Call 3 Seasons Pest control division for a free estimate on indoor pest control.


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